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Frequently Asked Quetions about Trash Bags

What is the difference between mic and mil? – Both are units of measurement used to describe the thickness of a can liner. High density can liners are typically measured in microns or the metric system and low density liners are typically measured in mils or the imperial system.

How can I tell the difference between high density and low density bags? – High density feels and sounds crinkly, is thinner and is very cloudy when it is clear (referred to as natural). Usually sold as a natural (clear) or black bag. Low density feels and sounds softer, is heavier and usually has greater clarity when it is clear. Low density comes in many different colors.

What is the difference between a star seal and a gusset seal or flat seal? – The star seal is a much more effective seal because it; creates pockets where wet waste can sit below the seal, naturally take pressure off of the seal, and the seal is made across a much smaller surface area with the same number of layers of plastic. The gusset seal has different layers of plastic and all the pressure of the bag is carried at the seal. The flat seal also has all the pressure of the bag carried at the seal and the seal must be maintained across a much larger surface area.

What is the case weight and how do I calculate? – Linear Low: Width x Length x Mil /15 = Lbs per 1000 bags x number of bags per case. High Density: Width x Length x Mic/25.4/15 = Lbs per 1000 bags x number of bags per case.

If an item is listed in Fortune’s product catalog then why don’t you stock it? – Most of the catalog items are available at each location, however due to local market differences there are certain items that are not purchased in sufficient quantity across all regions to keep them in stock. For these items you will need to allow additional lead time. If your volume justifies it we will make it a stock item.

If I place an order today when will it ship? What are our lead times? – For stock products our lead time from order to shipment is 2 days or less. The lead time for custom orders will vary depending on the current order volume and item configuration. We will confirm the actual lead time at the time the order is placed.

Can I get samples of the products that I am interested in? – Yes. Please contact the customer service department in your area for specific samples.

Why do you have color coded labels? – The color coded labels represent different product offerings. For example, white labels = custom liners; yellow labels = recycled content and low density liners; grey = high density liners and green = food bags.

Why aren’t industrial products listed in your stock catalogue or offering? – We produce these items on a made-to-order basis with low minimums and fast turnaround to provide the most cost effective solution for these needs.

Once I have placed my order what is the cut off time to make any changes? – Up until 3:00 p.m. the day prior to ship date.


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